Climate Resilience Information Systems

Climate Resilience Information Systems#

The following sections are instructions, guidelines and backgrounds around OGC API based software, which can be used to set up Climate Resilience Information Systems (CRIS). In the following sections we are using the Duck software as example to guide you through the different stepps necessay to set up an application package to be deployed in an CRIS and used for Climate Services.

Here we understand Application Packages for CRIS as standalone software in line to the OGC API standards. Several of this climate application packages can be found in the Birdhouse organisation which is a collection on OGC Standards based software. These software blocks can be used to build customised Climate Resilience Information System. The building blocks for climate services can be named with birdnames.

The demo web-application has been created by Carsten Ehbrecht and Étienne Plésiat in the framework of the work package 8 of the CLINT H2020 project. Duck provides an AI-enhanced service to infill missing values in climate datasets.